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CBD Chamomile & Lavender


This Bath Bomb is handcrafted and contains both fresh Chamomile and fresh Lavender Flowers.  This Bath Bomb also contains 50 milligrams of CBD.  CBD is an effective topical; CBD could potentially improve the anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving effects associated with bath time! To keep in stride with our holistic health approach we only use full spectrum third-party tested CBD isolate.  


Chamomile has been documented to reduce stress, promote skin health, in addition to being a sleep aid. Lavender has been documented to treat anxiety, restlessness as well as insomnia.

There is a multitude of reasons on why it is therapeutic to take a bath with a Kadence Naturals Bath Bomb we will explore just a few key reasons here.


Skin – Bath Bombs leave your skin moist and supple. Not only will you feel clean but also, your skin will have a velvety touch because of the natural ingredients in the Kadence Naturals Bath Bombs. 


Ingredients – Our Kadence Naturals Bath Bombs always contain all natural ingredients. We never use additives or fillers that could be harmful to your skin. Rather we use natural oils and essential oils that will help your skin radiate again. The ingredients we use have a reputation for removing toxins.  


Experience – Taking a bath with our Kadence Naturals Bath Bomb is an experience that you will cherish. Our Bath Bombs are not only beautiful to look at but give you an unforgettable experience. It allows you to transform your bath into a Spa like experience.


CBD Chamomile & Lavender Bath Bomb

  • Fill the tub with warm water, according to your preference. Get in the tub. Put the Bath Bomb in the water with you. The Bath Bomb will fizz and bubble releasing the natural ingredients and starting your blissful soak in the tub. Sit back relax and let the Kadence Naturals Bath Bomb take you away.

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